Packaging Pre-production workflow and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for your folding carton, flexible, display and corrugated packaging business

Workgroups for Packaging Home Dashboard View

Add Workgroups DaVinci for Packaging to your Epicor HRMS Gen/2, aVP and bVP systems and bring a strategic advantage to your business.

Workgroups DaVinci for Packaging is tightly integrated with Epicor's HRMS Gen/2, bVP and aVP software. It seamlessly adds a front-end system designed to help you win more business, improve the accuracy of your quotes and manage collaborative project and workflows for all your pre-production teams through:

  • Workflow automation and scheduling keeps your sales, pre-production, packaging prepress and quoting processes organized, efficient, and synchronized with your customers.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) helps your sales and customer service staff track and draw in more business.
  • A centralized database enables everyone from sales through pre-production to view the same information and make changes that instantly alert staff in realtime.
  • Automated online proofing provides a value added service for your customers, allowing customers to get proofs faster and more conveniently, see and compare previous versions and communicate changes.
  • Integrated packaging digital asset libraries manage your artwork and graphics, including CAD, PDF, JPG, PNG, and Illustrator and InDesign files. Everyone in the process can search and find files from previous customer jobs for reuse or repurpose.
  • An up to date customer specification database.
  • Die and ink tracking.
  • Efficient managing of the raw material acquisition process to ensure production can proceed without unnecessary delays.
  • Other features include: Product Lifecycle Management, Packaging Brand Management, Packaging Asset Library, Packaging CAD File Management, Industrial Packaging Design Management and Managing Packaging Pre-production.

Workgroups DaVinci for Packaging is the result of a strategic partnership between Epicor and MetaCommunications and is offered exclusively through Epicor.

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Workgroups DaVinci for Packaging

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Workgroups for Packaging Home Dashboard View

Custom Home Page Dashboards allow managers and users stay up to date with the latest state of all work and to efficiently perform frequent activities.

1A: Drill down into the details of jobs by clicking them in your To-Do List.

1B: Create new jobs and search existing jobs right from the dashboard.

Workgroups for Packaging Job Overviews

Job Overviews provide a complete view of job, components, and customer information with associated emails, files, quotes and proofs.

2A: Drag and drop emails and customer files directly onto your project, and share them with your team.

2B: See multiple versions of your quote and route for approval with a single click.

2C: Browse, track and review structural and design files related to a project. Select the approved version and lock it to make sure everyone uses the right version.

Workgroups for Packaging Workflow and Scheduling

Handle multiple projects at a time with the Advanced Workflow and Scheduling engine. Keep track of all project statuses and provide personnel with a dashboard view of their current and upcoming tasks.

3A: Status - See at a glance the current state of a project's workflow. Workflow steps can run in parallel and in series.

Approval steps automatically send emails to reviewers with a link to an online proofing portal. The current status is indicated by the color of the dot.

3B: View your job schedule in a graphical Gantt chart.