Publishing Workflow Solution

The preferred publishing automation solution for teams focused on improving workflow collaboration and efficiency.

A Solid Fit for Managing Publishing Workflows
Workgroups DaVinci provides powerful workflow tools to manage publishing systems:

  • Magazine publishing
  • Catalog production and publishing
  • Newspaper publishing
  • Marketing publishing
  • Corporate publishing
  • Educational publishing
  • Print publishing
  • Cross-media publishing

The publishing workflow solution for Workgroups DaVinci software offers a wide range of functionalities for automating and streamlining your proofing, reviewing and approval processes while strengthening and extending the overall publishing management effectiveness of your enterprise.

Compare Workflow Solutions Adobe CS4/5 Native Publishing Workflows Workgroups DaVinci Publishing Workflows
Built-in support for InDesign
Built-in support for InCopy
Automatic Email Notifications, Alerts, and Reminders .
Manual routing of assignments
Automatic routing of assignments .
Support for document versioning
Timelines, due-dates, and scheduling for all tasks and activities .
Collaborative proofing, reviewing and approval workflows for production and finished content .
Trafficking and scheduling of design, copy, and editorial content in publishing, web design, and other creative workflows .
Web dashboards for managers, designers, editors, copywriters, etc. .
Integrated development environment for implementing custom functionality .
Comprehensive solution for entire publishing workflow from estimating and planning through final publication .
Automated document management capabilities .
Built in invoicing, costing, and time tracking .
Advanced reporting capabilities .
Integration with other production and business platforms .