Go Paperless with Scanning
and OCR Workflows

Workgroups DaVinci supports multiple scanning and OCR workflows for teams who want to quickly and easily include paper-based documents into their digital workflows and projects.

Support for Multiple Workflows

If you scan your documents to hotfolders, Workgroups DaVinci can detect the presence of new scanned documents and automatically index them, associating them behind the scenes with the correct records in the database. Alternatively, drag and drop your scanned documents from the file system or your scanning software and the system will move the documents to the correct directory associated with the record. Either way, your documents and OCR data are fully indexed and the files become immediately available to and discoverable by other Workgroups DaVinci users through ad-hoc finds and record browsing.

A Growing List of Supported Software

Workgroups DaVinci natively supports scanning workflows for an ever-growing list of supported Scanning Vendors including:

  • Nuance PaperPort
  • Nuance OmniPage
  • Simple Software's Simple OCR
  • Epson Scan
  • eCopy PaperWorks
  • Microsoft Office Document Imaging

Don't see your current scanning software listed? Contact us directly to see if it's supported.

Go Green, With Confidence

An effective scanning and OCR workflow is an integral part of most green office initiatives. Simply using Workgroups DaVinci is a major green initiative for most organizations. However, with Workgroups DaVinci's scanning and OCR workflows, you can be confident that any third-party paper-based documents (such as invoices, mail, and other hard-copy communications) that touch your workflows, customers, and projects are easily digitized, indexed, and associated with the relevant data in your Workgroups DaVinci system.