Brand Asset Management Solution

A powerful solution for creating, organizing, and managing all your brand-approved digital assets.

The Brand Asset Management Solution for Virtual Ticket and Workgroups DaVinci provides you and your team with a workspace for creating, sharing, and reliably distributing your digital brand assets.

Key Features:

  • Built-in Distribution: Provide your clients and your teams with access to brand-approved asset files through a secure web portal, or open them directly from the Virtual Ticket app.
  • Connects production and marketing: Production, design and marketing staff work through a shared collaboration system that provides everyone with access to the right brand-approved digital assets for any customer or project.
  • Powerful and convenient dashboards: A Brand Asset Management dashboard helps you keep an eye on your brands, add new brand asset libraries, and provides your staff with a fast way to locate and access the assets they need.
  • Automatic asset indexing: While the system indexes and extracts all embedded metadata from digital assets added to your brand libraries, you and your team can continue to tag brand assets with an unlimited amount of additional metadata. Once in the system, assets can be quickly located and opened from searches across all metadata and file attribute information stored in the system.
  • Open & extensible architecture: Use the solution as-is, or modify and extend it to fit the unique and evolving needs of your business, workflows, and projects.

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Organize and find assets by:

  • Customer
  • License/rights
  • Approved version
  • Theme
  • Brand
  • Media
  • Extracted metadata
  • Semantic description
  • File attributes
  • Project
  • Campaign
  • Geography
  • Any other attribute you want to use...

Brand assets can include:

  • Logos
  • Videos
  • Photographs
  • Brand specifications
  • Approved brand art
  • Sales materials
  • Marketing materials
  • Any other files...

Product Screenshots

Brand Asset Management Solution

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Brand Asset Management Solution Dashboard

Brand Asset Management Dashboard
Use the powerful Brand Asset Management Dashboard to manage, explore and distribute all the digital files for your brands.

1A: Add New Brands

1B: Add New Brand Libraries

Brand Library Management

Quickly Manage Library Content
Toggle through Brand Libraries to scan thumbnails of all your digital asset files. Quickly copy the assets you need, check them out for rework, or even add more assets to a library through drag and drop.