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Modifying Existing SQL Reports

By Justin Bierman 2012-08-20

This article describes how to modify existing Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 Reporting Services reports.

Resolving a 404 Error When Downloading the Portal Integration Tool in Mac OS X


This article describes how to resolve a 404 error message that can appear when attempting to download the Portal Integration Tool on a Mac OS X computer.

Stopping all MetaCommunications Services for Maintenance Tasks


This article provides a list of all Windows Services used by the MetaCommunications Workgroups Suite software.

Using the Remember Me Checkbox to Remember the User Session


This article describes the purpose of the Remember Me checkbox, which appears on the Workgroups Portal login screen.

Exporting an Entire Workgroups Database Structure


This article describes how to export the entire structure of a database for import into another Workgroups database.

Troubleshooting Problems with the MetaSQLMail Job


This article describes how to troubleshoot problems with the MetaSQLMail job that exists for each database and relays email to an SMTP server.

Locating Default Field Lengths for Workgroups Databases


This article describes how to locate the lengths of the fields used in Workgroups applications.

Changing the Administrator Password via the ServerConfigurator


This article describes how to change the Workgroups Administrator user password using the ServerConfigurator application.