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Technical tips, helpful recommendations, pointers and fixes.

Establishing the Administrator settings in Job Manager

By Jim Livesay 2013-11-13

Once you have installed Job Manager it is important to establish the administrator settings.

Creating Analysis Reports with Job Manager

By Jim Livesay 2013-10-31

Job Manager comes with a number of generic analysis reports that can help you manage your job costs.

Creating Ordered Items and Setting Up Price and Tax Structures in Job Manager

By Jim Livesay 2013-09-16

An ordered item is a pre-defined service that your company provides to your customers.

Creating Users, Groups and setting Permissions in Job Manager

By Jim Livesay 2013-08-22

Job Manager gives the administrator the ability to allow groups of users a variety of permissions including to view, create, modify and delete content in the all the areas of Job Manager. Those areas are Jobs, Customers, Analysis, Production, Invoices and Estimates.

Code 39 Barcode in Virtual Ticket or Job Manager Forms

By Justin Bierman 2013-06-10

This solution describes how to use the Code 39 barcode format in Virtual Ticket or Job Manager forms.

How to Bill All Closed Jobs

By Justin Bierman 2012-07-13

This article displays a scripted method for setting a billed status to all closed jobs.

Using the Contains Condition with Workgroups Portal Quick Searches


This article describes how to use the contains condition with the Workgroups Portal Quick Searches.

Using the Remember Me Checkbox to Remember the User Session


This article describes the purpose of the Remember Me checkbox, which appears on the Workgroups Portal login screen.