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Technical tips, helpful recommendations, pointers and fixes.

Creating Custom Queries in Virtual Ticket


This article describes how to create custom queries in Virtual Ticket.

Configuring Workgroups for use with SQL Server Reporting Services


This article describes how to configure Workgroups so that it may connect to and generate reports using SQL Server Reporting Services.

Totaling a Grid Column in Job Manager/Virtual Ticket


This article provides a MetaScript example for calculating the total of the contents of a Virtual Ticket/Job Manager grid column.

Enabling Functionality with the SQL Surface Area Configuration Tool


This article describes how to resolve some issues which may be experienced in the Workgroups Suite when using Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

Registering .NET Framework in IIS


This article describes how to register .NET Framework for use with the MetaCommunications Workgroups Portal.

Implementing a Navigation Tab


This article provides an example of how to create a navigation bar in Virtual Ticket for easily navigating between forms.

Duplicating Virtual Ticket Forms


This article provides step-by-step instructions for easily duplicating a Virtual Ticket form.

metascript example - using search


This article provides and example for using the MetaScript function, Search to locate a word in a string and execute additional MetaScript.