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Technical tips, helpful recommendations, pointers and fixes.

Using the Contains Condition with Workgroups Portal Quick Searches


This article describes how to use the contains condition with the Workgroups Portal Quick Searches.

Using OpenURI to Open a Job Folder Created by the Folder Helper Solution


This article provides an example for automatically opening a folder that has just been created using the Folder Helper solution.

Moving Accidentally Archived Files Back into Production


This article describes the process of moving files back into a production volume in a manner that will change the archiving status from archived to production.

Setting up Media Profiles


This article describes how users can set up Media Profiles for use with Digital Storage Manager and DSM enabled versions of Virtual Ticket.

How to Install Virtual Ticket/Job Manager/Digital Storage Manager Solutions


This article provides the detailed instructions on how to install Virtual Ticket/Job Manger/Digital Storage Manager solutions.

Changing Volume Properties


This article provides information for changing digital resource volume settings.

Exporting an Entire Workgroups Database Structure


This article describes how to export the entire structure of a database for import into another Workgroups database.

Running AppleScript Containing RunSQLQuery with a Non-Administrator user


This article describes how to run AppleScripts that contain the RunSQLQuery command with a Virtual Ticket user other than Administrator.