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Technical tips, helpful recommendations, pointers and fixes.

Annotating Proofs in Spark!

By Jim Livesay 2014-11-03

Approval Manager comes with a built-in annotation and proofing tool called Spark!

Configuring Approval Manager for Internal and External Access

By Brian Kerr 2014-10-02

Setting the Administration Settings in Approval Manager

By Jim Livesay 2014-08-25

Once you have installed Approval Manager you will want to set the Administration settings.

Creating Invoices in Job Manager

By Jim Livesay 2014-08-01

One of the functions of Job Manager is to create invoices. Job Manager allows you to create complete or partial invoices.

Creating Users in Approval Manager

By Jim Livesay 2014-07-15

There are two different types of Users in Approval Manager: internal and collaborative.

Job Charges and Billing Codes in Job Manager

By Brian Kerr 2014-06-25

Job charges are entered into Job Manager to capture your employee's daily productivity.

Time Cards and Time Sheets in Job Manager

By Brian Kerr 2014-06-05

Job Manager includes the ability for employees to record their working hours.

Creating Departments, Cost Centers, Tasks and Materials in Job Manager

By Jim Livesay 2014-06-03

As you are setting up your company structure, departments help determine how your company is organized by dividing it into more specific or distinctive areas which are then subdivided into cost centers from which tasks originate.