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Configuring Balsamiq Mockups Support in Approval Manager

By Justin Bierman 2012-12-14

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This article provides instructions for configuring Balsamiq Mockups support in Approval Manager.

Workgroups 2010 R2 introduces new support for reviewing and approving wireframe documents created by Balsamiq Mockups. This popular wireframing tool saves documents in a .bmml file format. With the 'R2' version of Approval Manager and Spark!, you can now define .bmml as a proofer file type and specify Spark! as the default proofer application. This new, built-in support allows you to review, annotate, mark-up, and approve/reject Balsamic Mockups using Approval Manager and Spark! just as you would with other file types like .png, .pdf, .jpg, etc.

To configure Approval Manager to support Balsamiq Mockups:

  1. Install Balsamiq Mockups on the server that is hosting the Workgroups Portal, making note of the Windows user account you use when installing/running the application.
  2. Log into Approval Manager as the Administrator user, and navigate to the Proofer File Type Associations link under the Administration tab.
  3. Add a new file type association using .bmml as the Extension and Spark! as the Proofer Application. Note: you may also use 'Native' as the Proofer Application, but this will require that each user needing to review a file will need to have Balsamiq Mockups installed on their local machines. Utilizing Spark! as the Proofer Application allows Approval Manager to use the server-installed instance of Balsamiq Mockups.
  4. Utilizing Balsamiq Mockups requires an additional configuration step. Click the 'here' link below the list of proofer file types to continue with the configuration process.
  5. If necessary, enter the Windows account user name/password to access the configuration page on the server that is hosting the Workgroups Portal. The resulting configuration page allows you to specify the Windows user account/password that was used to install Balsamiq Mockups in Step 1.
  6. Type the Windows user account/password that will be used to run Balsamiq Mockups on the server, and click Configure.
  7. To test your Balsamiq Mockups configuration, click the Test Balsamiq Rendering link. If everything has been installed/configured correctly, you will receive a message indicating that Balsamiq Mockups rendering works.
  8. Close the Test page, the Configuration page, and click Save in the Proofer File Type Associations to save your changes.