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Editable Grid Example - Adding File Collectors to Editable Grids


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This article provides an example of an Editable Grid that incorporates the use of File Collection fields.


The editable grid solution provides the ability to enter data in grid format and generate document type records for each grid line item. This example expands on earlier examples of the grid solution and adds the use of File Collection field in each row of the editable grid. 

In this example the editable grid is used to populate all of the components of a monthly journal that a company might produce. Each line in the grid represents a page in the journal and includes the write-up information and images that should be used. By using the file collector as a part of the editable grid, the user can quickly fill out the contents for each page of the journal and include the images that should be used.

For more information on configuring editable grids, see Toolbox Snippet TS1038.

Click here to download the example.

Refer to the Virtual Ticket Administration guide for information on importing forms libraries.