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Totaling a Grid Column in Job Manager/Virtual Ticket


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This article provides a MetaScript example for calculating the total of the contents of a Virtual Ticket/Job Manager grid column.

MetaScript can be used to total grid columns in Virtual Ticket and Job Manager printing forms. This type of calculation can be useful when attempting to get a total for a column of prices.

The provided example is an Order Acknowledgement form which contains a grid. A variable field on the form named aTotal contains a MetaScript calculation to total the contents of the Price column. The Order Acknowledgement can also be found in a standard sample database.

To view this example perform the following:

  1. Download the example.osf file.
  2. Import the form using Virtual Ticket or Job Manager. 
  3. Open the form in the Forms Editor.
  4. Double-click on aTotal to view the MetaScript calculation.