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Technical tips, helpful recommendations, pointers and fixes.

Configuring Balsamiq Mockups Support in Approval Manager

By Justin Bierman 2012-12-14

This article provides instructions for configuring Balsamiq Mockups support in Approval Manager.

When to use VTL and OSF library formats

By Justin Bierman 2012-11-19

This article describes the situations in which the VTL and OSF library formats should be used with Virtual Ticket.

Modifying Existing SQL Reports

By Justin Bierman 2012-08-20

This article describes how to modify existing Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 Reporting Services reports.

How to Bill All Closed Jobs

By Justin Bierman 2012-07-13

This article displays a scripted method for setting a billed status to all closed jobs.

Editable Grid Example - Adding File Collectors to Editable Grids


This article provides an example of an Editable Grid that incorporates the use of File Collection fields.

Shrinking Large SQL Transaction Log Files

By Justin Bierman 2012-03-15

This article describes how to shrink transaction log files which have grown to a large size due to a lack of a database maintenance plan or failure of an existing maintenance plan.

Resolving a 404 Error When Downloading the Portal Integration Tool in Mac OS X


This article describes how to resolve a 404 error message that can appear when attempting to download the Portal Integration Tool on a Mac OS X computer.

MetaScript Example - Using the Confirm function to Provide a Method For Cancelling an Action


This article provides an example for using the MetaScript Confirm function which can be used to allow users to confirm or cancel their scripted actions.