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Using the WebEx API to create meetings

Users of Virtual Ticket who host internet meetings using WebEx may find the WebEx API guide helpful for creating meetings directly from within Virtual Ticket.

Note: This solution is optimized for Virtual Ticket Developer.

If you are using Workgroups DaVinci and are planning to use a Toolbox snippet not marked as DaVinci-compatible, please check with Support for possible compatibility issues before using.


By using the OpenURI MetaScript feature and the list of options available in the Webex API Guide, you can schedule a meeting by building a customized URI containing all of the information needed for your WebEx meeting. 

NOTE: Expanded WebEx API documentation is available to members of the WebEx Developer Program. Entry level membership is advertised as free on the WebEx website. 


  1. Log in to Virtual Ticket as Administrator. Open the desired form in the form editor.
  2. Open the Global MetaScript for the form and enter the following code.

    NOTE: The fields used in the following script need to be created in the file cabinet window.

    var mname = "&MN=" + Field( 'Meeting_Name' ).toString();    
    var pword = "&PW=" + Field( 'Password' ).toString();    
    var aYear = "&YE=" + Field( 'Year' ).toString();    
    var aMonth = "&MO=" + Field( 'Month' ).toString();    
    var aDay = "&DA=" + Field( 'Day' ).toString();    
    var aHour = "&HO=" + Field( 'Hours' ).toString();    
    var aMinute = "&MI=" + Field( 'Minutes' ).toString();    
    OpenURI( "" + mname + pword + aYear + aMonth + aDay + aHour + aMinute );    
  3. Add a button to the form and enter the following script as the click action:
  4. Save the form and test the script.


Developers interested in implementing this snippet can sign up for the WebEx developer program to obtain access to the full API.

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