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Shipping Transmittal and Data Import

Starter forms for creating an integrated shipping document and tracking solution.

Note: This solution is optimized for Virtual Ticket Developer.

If you are using Workgroups DaVinci and are planning to use a Toolbox snippet not marked as DaVinci-compatible, please check with Support for possible compatibility issues before using.

These forms provide a base structure for creating a custom shipping data import solution. The developer will need to determine best approach for exporting data from client's shipping application. This data will then need to be mapped to the Virtual Ticket fields. To do this, the developer will modify the Global MetaScript on the Data Import form. Comments are included in the Global MetaScript to help with this mapping.

The attached library file includes the following:

  • PS.js version 1.125
  • grid_and_model.gsd
  • Tickets.js
  • Format.js
  • Transmittal form
  • FedEx Data Import form

This Snippet requires the following to install and use:

  • OpenWebPage() function requires Workgroups 2010 R2 Package 164

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Cliff Lewis