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Canto Cumulus Importer

Canto Cumulus Importer

This solution imports information from a Canto Cumulus database file into a Digital Storage Manager or a combined Virtual Ticket/Digital Storage Manager system. It is intended for customers migrating from Canto Cumulus or for those who need a data migration path from Canto Cumulus to Virtual Ticket/Digital Storage Manager.
This solution is optimized for Virtual Ticket Developer.
If you are using Workgroups DaVinci and are planning to install a solution not marked as DaVinci-compatible, please check with Support for possible compatibility issues before installing.

Imported information can include any number of metadata fields and digital resource thumbnails in JPEG format.

A sample Cumulus Record Exchange (.cre) file is provided within the "" file below. The default Cumulus to Digital Storage Manager mapping is set up for this sample Cumulus file. If using a Cumulus file other than the included sample, the Cumulus to Digital Storage Manager mapping will probably need to be edited.

This solution has been tested with Cumulus version 6.


  1. Download the (see attached below).
  2. Using the Administrative tools, drag and drop the "Cumulus_Import.sit" file to the Stored Solutions window.
  3. On the Digital Storage Manager server, restart the MetaCommunications Application Server.

Directions for Use

  1. Export a Cumulus Record Exchange file (.cre) from Cumulus 6 by selecting File > Export > All Records.
  2. Drag-and-drop the Cumulus .cre file to the Digital Storage Manager Digital Resources Explorer to add the file to the system.
  3. Switch to the "Cumulus Import" form.
  4. Setup the Cumulus-->Digital Resources Field Map. To view the default map used with the sample .cre file, just enter Edit mode and the default map will be created automatically. Then click Update to apply.
  5. Click the Import button to import all records from the Cumulus .cre file into the corresponding digital resources.

Known Issues

  • Large thumbnails (greater than 128 pixels) shown as centered and cropped images.
  • Does not have any progress indicators for user convenience.


  • Canto Cumulus 6
  • Digital Storage Manager 1.0 and later
  • Virtual Ticket 7.0 and later (must be a combined Virtual Ticket with Digital Storage Manager system)

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