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Calendar View for Advanced Workflow and Scheduling

Calendar View for Advanced Workflow and Scheduling

This solution expands upon Advanced Workflow and Scheduling, providing a calendar view of Activities.
This solution is optimized for Virtual Ticket Developer.
If you are using Workgroups DaVinci and are planning to install a solution not marked as DaVinci-compatible, please check with Support for possible compatibility issues before installing.


This solution allows users to view Advanced Workflow and Scheduling (AWS) Activities in a monthly calendar view.


To install the Calendar View for AWS solution:

  • Download and install the attached .vtl file (see below) using the Virtual Ticket client application. This .vtl file contains the Schedule - Calendar View form, Professional Services Library file (version 1.125 - a newer version may also be used), and the Grid and Model solution. All the contents of the .vtl file must be present for the solution to function properly

Setting Up the Calendar View for Advanced Workflow and Scheduling

The solution is ready to use once installed, but has additional parameters that can be configured by an Administrator.  These include:

  • The ability to show a "View All Users, All Roles" checkbox that allows the user to view all users and all roles, instead of limiting the activities to the user or role selected. There is also an array of groups to show this to.
  • Changing which day is the first one shown. By default, this is set to Sunday, but can be changed if the first day shown on your regional calendar is different.
  • Borders can be displayed around the day number.
  • A parameter exists that allows an Administrator to change the calendar from the Jobs Type to another Type.
  • Additionally, in the Global MetaScript, there are several color values, assigned as RGB values, that can be configured to change colors of the calendar dynamically.

New with version 1.02

Additional enhancements have been done for version 1.02.  These include:

  • The parameters and styles have been moved into external files
  • It has become more of a full calendar view, showing completed activities
  • Completed activities are color-coded as gray, to at-a-glance see which activities are done
  • The current activities are color coded as a gold color, to indicate what the current activities are
  • Milestones only can be shown
  • The ability to show or hide completed or upcoming activities has been implemented
  • In the 'View' selector, in addition to the 'My Activities' and 'Role', an 'Actor' selection will show items for only that Actor - this can be turned off or limited to certain groups in the parameters
  • The ability in the parameters to show Start Date or Due Date by default


Workgroups 2010 R2

Advanced Workflow and Scheduling, version 4 or version 5

As a note, the version of the PS Library included in this solution is 1.139.  If you have a newer version of the PS Library installed, do not install PS.js or grid_and_model.gsd from the solution.  These may conflict with your current implementation.

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