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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Workgroups 2012

By Cliff Lewis on 2012-04-11

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Soon, the highly anticipated release of Workgroups 2012 will be available for download. But one question remains, will you be able to handle all of the power this rocket to the moon has to offer?

Workgroups 2012 Logo

Like many of you reading this article, my background was as a Virtual Ticket administrator. For many years I worked for a large creative group developing their Virtual Ticket system. Several years ago I was offered a position in the Professional Services group at MetaCommunications. This position allows me to work with our clients to help analyze their operations and develop effective solutions in their Virtual Ticket systems.

Last week I attended a training class at Meta that introduced my group to the new features of Workgroups 2012. The training session turned out to be a humbling experience for me. Within minutes the discussion and concepts left my head spinning. After two days I realized my whole world had changed and with that, I now have much more functionality to offer my clients.

Could it really be that different? Yes and no. On the surface, Workgroups 2012 looks and works much the same as previous releases. The big difference is under the hood. What has happened is the core engineers at MetaCommunications were allowed to build their dream system. The resulting build is like they just put a man on the moon while running on auto pilot. But don’t think these changes are exclusively for the engineers. These new features are all accessible to the VT Administrator who will be able to tinker with the controls to enhance the ride. That’s where it gets really amazing.

You have probably heard of the pre-configured Dashboards & Widgets in the Workgroups 2012 release but the real advancements are built with the system administrator in mind. The system administrator now has total control over all aspects of a form and elements; from visibility to functionality.

So over the coming months I will be reporting back to telling you of my journeys as I set out to learn to fly a rocket ship. Maybe I will even find a question for 42.

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