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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Workgroups 2012, Second Stop: Editable Grids

By Cliff Lewis on 2012-06-25

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At the next stop on our journey, we’ll discover a new way to create an old favorite of the Workgroups galaxy: Editable Grids.

Widgets in Workgroups 2012

Editable grids have been available in Virtual Ticket forms for many years. They have always been a very powerful feature for creating and managing related document records. For the end user it seemed a simple and intuitive way to interface with the data, but for a developer, it was most likely cumbersome to layout and create the multitude of form elements that were required.

Workgroups 2012 offers several new solutions for making the creation of editable grids much simpler. First, a new approach to the standard editable grid is now possible with the use of control classes to group and repeat the grid row. This allows the developer to layout just one grid row and then have script repeat the row as prescribed. The end result is less layout and design time with the same user experience as before.

The second grid solution is an excellent option for more simple data requirements. With this approach, all of the data is captured in a single memo field, with no related table and fields required. The developer can lay out a single grid row as in the first solution, then the form script breaks the memo field data down into individual records and fields to populate the grid. When the user updates the form, there is additional script that converts all of the grid data back into the memo field data. As you can see, the primary advantage to this solution is that only one memo field is needed to capture all of the grid data. The developer doesn’t need to create an entire table and fields for the dataset, resulting in less layout and design time as well as a simpler database structure.

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about the new editable grid features in Workgroups 2012. Next Stop: Customizable Dashboards

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