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Server-Side Scripting - Greased Lightning

By Ken Valley on 2012-07-10

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Since the introduction of Workgroups 2011, developers have had the ability to separate MetaScript into server-side script and client-side script.

Server-Side Script being used in Virtual Ticket

At first glance, this may not seem like an important feature, but it can make a huge performance difference with complex and large forms. Now, with the introduction of Workgroups 2012, this becomes even more important, because of the huge increase in terms of capabilities.

To describe the importance of putting together most, if not all, of your scripts (including SQL queries) into as few connections as possible, imagine this analogy: going to the grocery store.

The less efficient way, querying the database every time you need information, is similar to driving to the grocery store every time you need an ingredient for tonight’s dinner. It gets the job done, but the time and effort required is pretty high. On the other hand, if you plan ahead, and are able to pick up all your items at the store in one trip, you save quite a bit of this time and energy. This is how server-side scripting can make your system fly like “greased lightning”.

So, the next time you need to implement a form, think about server-side scripting. Your forms (and users) will thank you.

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