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I Can’t Drive 55: Performance Revisited

By Justin Bierman on 2012-09-28

In the short period of time since my recent article on a specific performance hindering setting in the BIOS of many newer servers, I have received a tremendous amount of feedback from customers indicating that modifying this setting has made a BIG difference for them.

Creating End User Training Manuals - You Have Options

By Ken Valley on 2012-09-28

When a Workgroups implementation (forms design, automation, and integration) is winding to a close, one of the last steps to show off your shiny new Workgroups system is to train your users.

Link Your File Collector to Google Drive

By Ken Valley on 2012-08-23

Recently, we had a customer who had set up Google Drive as a file repository for several of their new projects. Because the storage was located in the cloud, it was more flexible than local server storage, and could store quite a few documents.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Workgroups 2012, Third Stop: Dashboards

By Cliff Lewis on 2012-08-17

A dashboard solution that is so simple and straightforward; even a space monkey will love it.