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Virtual Ticket on a Touchscreen

By Cliff Lewis on 2013-04-02

Recently, I was asked by one of my large format print clients if it is possible to run Virtual Ticket on a touchscreen monitor.

Shared Files: A Whole New Way to Collaborate

By Justin Bierman on 2013-03-20

Suppose, you’re working on a big project with Jason, a designer in your company’s marketing department, and you’re on a tight deadline. The two of you need to quickly and easily share files with each other to complete your assignment.

Brushing Up on Your Javascript with Codecademy

By Ken Valley on 2013-03-20

Recently, while looking for some resources to help me automate programming various API’s, I came across Codecademy.

Java Security Vulnerability

By Brian Kerr on 2013-02-25

Last month the Department of Homeland Security issued a Java alert for a security vulnerability found with Java in web browsers.