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Product features, trending technologies and general updates from our team

Feature Focus: Parallel Workflows in AWS

By Mark Guthart on 2011-03-31

Do your workflows involve having multiple activities occurring simultaneously? Need to find a way to manage multiple processes within the same workflow? Find out how parallel workflows can be used with Virtual Ticket's Advanced Workflow Scheduling solution.

Justin, I Need a Way to...

By Justin Bierman on 2011-03-18

It was Monday morning and I was just getting settled, sipping my morning coffee, when a customer called in with an interesting problem. Nothing to get the brain moving like a little caffeine and a fresh problem to solve.

Feature Focus - Application Menus and MetaScript Actions

By Mark Guthart on 2011-03-02

One of the new features of the Workgroups 2010 R2 Suite - and one that we use quite extensively in professional services - is the ability to define your own Application Menus within Virtual Ticket.

Calendar View Version 2 for Advanced Workflow and Scheduling

By Ken Valley on 2011-02-22

With the latest release of Workgroups, one of the first solutions I put together was a Calendar View for Advanced Workflow and Scheduling. Since that time, I've received some great feature requests, many of which I've been able to incorporate into a new 'Version 2' release of the calendar solution.