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Product features, trending technologies and general updates from our team

Professional Services Issue Tracking and Collaboration

By Ken Valley on 2012-04-12

Over the past few months, we have started using an issue tracking system to collaborate with customers.

“Single Sign On” Saves Big Time

By Ken Valley on 2012-03-02

Recently, we’ve added a brand new function to our Professional Services Library that further expands upon two very useful functions that already exist in the library (PS.JM and PS.Proofs).

Provide the Right Popup List for the Job

By Cliff Lewis on 2012-02-02

Is there a way to limit the values in popup lists based on the data entered in another field?

Increasing the Performance of your Virtual Ticket Forms

By Ken Valley on 2012-01-20

As an Administrator, when you develop your Virtual Ticket forms, users are constantly giving feedback on how to make the forms more useful.