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A Day in the Life... Hiding Form Elements

By Cliff Lewis on 2010-03-04

In this installment of A Day in the Life... we find that the past few weeks have been going pretty good for our developer friend. He has had time to catch up on other duties and to read up on some new Virtual Ticket features. Until one day:

Quick-Start Rollout Strategies for Workgroups 2010

By Mark Guthart on 2010-02-26

I recently wrapped up a series of online training sessions for a client covering the entire Workgroups suite. For most of the attendees, this was their first real-world exposure to how Approval Manager, Digital Storage Manager, Job Manager, and Virtual Ticket can be set up for their own environment.

Using Automatic Workflow Progressions to Get More Done

By Ken Valley on 2010-02-19

With the Advanced Workflow and Scheduling (AWS) solution, you can schedule activities for your company's workflow and assign users the responsibility for completing them. Once these schedules are set up, users monitor their To-Do Lists to see what activities are ready for them to work on.

Document Management Gets Easier in Virtual Ticket 2010

By Justin Bierman on 2010-02-19

As you may have noticed, Workgroups 2010 has been released. Our engineering department has added a lot of new features that have ignited quite a bit of buzz among the customers who have already taken a look. There is one feature in particular that has me especially excited: the Document Organizer.