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Product features, trending technologies and general updates from our team

Brand Management for the Tech Savvy Leader

By Adrienne McKee on 2014-03-18

In today’s global marketplace, juggling consumer analytics data and multi-channel platforms make it a challenge to effectively communicate your brand’s identity.

Virtual Ticket on a Touchscreen

By Cliff Lewis on 2013-04-02

Recently, I was asked by one of my large format print clients if it is possible to run Virtual Ticket on a touchscreen monitor.

Brushing Up on Your Javascript with Codecademy

By Ken Valley on 2013-03-20

Recently, while looking for some resources to help me automate programming various API’s, I came across Codecademy.

Using IFTTT to Share Production Details Through Social & Interactive Media

By Ken Valley on 2012-11-01

With the recent explosion of social media, we are constantly looking for useful and interesting ways for users to integrate the activity of their Workgroups production story with the endlessly growing list of platforms.