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Cloud Hosted vs. On-Premise, Finding the Right Deployment Option for your Business

By Adrienne McKee on 2014-02-06

There are two options for deploying your Workgroups DaVinci system, cloud-hosted or on premise (in-house). Choosing the best option isn’t always a clear cut decision based solely on your organization’s size or industry.

SQL Server Performance Enhancement Tips

By Adrienne McKee on 2014-01-14

Your organization runs smoother when server response times are at their best.

Implementing New Software in the Office: Best Practices

By Adrienne McKee on 2014-01-09

Getting over the hurdle of trying to make people excited about a new technology in the office can be a challenge.

Java Security Vulnerability

By Brian Kerr on 2013-02-25

Last month the Department of Homeland Security issued a Java alert for a security vulnerability found with Java in web browsers.