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I Can’t Drive 55: Time to Go 0-80

By Brian Kerr on 2013-02-22

A recent article by Justin Bierman explained how some servers are now shipping with a power saving setting enabled in the BIOS by default.

I Can’t Drive 55: Performance Revisited

By Justin Bierman on 2012-09-28

In the short period of time since my recent article on a specific performance hindering setting in the BIOS of many newer servers, I have received a tremendous amount of feedback from customers indicating that modifying this setting has made a BIG difference for them.

I Can’t Drive 55: A Little Known “Green” Setting Can Cause Big Performance Problems

By Justin Bierman on 2012-08-31

I recently purchased a new Dell server for our support department to host test systems. The server was supposedly top of the line and very scalable. This thing was gonna smoke... or so I thought.

Link Your File Collector to Google Drive

By Ken Valley on 2012-08-23

Recently, we had a customer who had set up Google Drive as a file repository for several of their new projects. Because the storage was located in the cloud, it was more flexible than local server storage, and could store quite a few documents.