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Setting Up Approval Manager for Internet Access

By Justin Bierman on 2012-03-29

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If you are like many new Approval Manager customers, you have quickly configured the product and you are ready to begin routing proofs around your organization, but you haven’t thought about how your outside reviewers are going to connect to Approval Manager.

Conceptual image showing Approval Manager with Internal and External ConnectionsUnless all of your proof reviewers are physically located on your internal network, you will likely need to configure your network to allow external reviewers to access the system over the Internet. Accomplishing this will depend on your network infrastructure.

Because of the differences in networks, we have constructed a guide to discuss the general concepts and considerations to be mindful of when configuring Approval Manager for access over the Internet. Give this document a read and let us know if you have any questions about configuring Approval Manager for access from the Internet.

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