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Setting Up Approval Manager for Internet Access

By Justin Bierman on 2012-03-29

If you are like many new Approval Manager customers, you have quickly configured the product and you are ready to begin routing proofs around your organization, but you haven’t thought about how your outside reviewers are going to connect to Approval Manager.

“Single Sign On” Saves Big Time

By Ken Valley on 2012-03-02

Recently, we’ve added a brand new function to our Professional Services Library that further expands upon two very useful functions that already exist in the library (PS.JM and PS.Proofs).

Feature Preview: Approval Manager 2012

By Justin Bierman on 2011-12-06

I get excited when we get close to the release of a new version of a product, especially when I see features I know customers are going to be equally excited about. Approval Manager 2012 is no exception.

Justin, I Need a Way to...

By Justin Bierman on 2011-03-18

It was Monday morning and I was just getting settled, sipping my morning coffee, when a customer called in with an interesting problem. Nothing to get the brain moving like a little caffeine and a fresh problem to solve.