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How Productivity Solutions Improve Employee Engagement and Impact Your Bottom Line

By Adrienne McKee on 2014-02-20

For forward-thinking managers, a simple shift of focus from projects to people can lead to a large impact on the bottom line. Many times, managers strategize to reduce project production time or deliver the best end project. Focusing on employee engagement can deliver both and more.

Advanced Routing for AWS and Approval Manager

By Ken Valley on 2013-12-19

With the release of Workgroups DaVinci, one of the most simple yet most powerful features that has been added to the Advanced Workflow and Scheduling (AWS) solution is the new Advanced Routing feature.

Mobile & Tablet Proofing the Easy Way

By Adrienne McKee on 2013-12-17

‘Works from any device’ is a great feature claim for many software providers’ solutions. However, it’s very important to know that not all claims and accessibility options are the same.

Proofing Online Documents in Approval Manager

By Chris True on 2013-10-03

As many of you may know, the recently released Approval Manager 2013 is loaded with new features that help make it one of the most powerful tools available for managing online approvals and review cycles.