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NAB Show: How Workgroups DaVinci is Impacting Media and Broadcast Teams

By Adrienne McKee on 2014-04-09

Today is Day 3 of 4 at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, and we’ve received some great feedback on Workgroups DaVinci and how it addresses a unique need for broadcast teams.

Spring Clean Your Inbox

By Adrienne McKee on 2014-03-28

Today the most commonly used medium of communication in the workplace is email. Many organizations identify the need to find different solutions to improve collaboration and reduce email volume, but struggle to find anything as quick to catch on, or as easy to use as email.

Brand Management for the Tech Savvy Leader

By Adrienne McKee on 2014-03-18

In today’s global marketplace, juggling consumer analytics data and multi-channel platforms make it a challenge to effectively communicate your brand’s identity.

How to Write a Creative Brief

By Adrienne McKee on 2014-03-11

Developing a comprehensive creative brief is an important first step in beginning a new creative project. Ensuring that your design team is on the same page as the external or in-house client from the start keeps projects focused and on time.