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150 concurrent proof files 1 $4,995.00
1st year Upgrades & Maintenance* 1 $0.00
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Server installation requires a Windows OS. Mac OS users can run Windows OS using Parallels and VMware. Once installed, Approval Manager may be accessed via any browser on Mac or Windows.

Licensing Options

Buy a one-time license. Download after checkout.

Choose your license based on the maximum number of proof files you'll need active at the same time. All licenses are a one time fee. Upgrading to a higher proof license may be done at any time.

$1,995 for 50 concurrent proof files
$4,995 for 150 concurrent proof files
$6,995 for 250 concurrent proof files
$9,995 for 500 concurrent proof files
$12,995 for 750 concurrent proof files
$14,995 for 1000 concurrent proof files
$19,995 for Unlimited concurrent proof files

Technical Support & Upgrades

Technical support and product upgrades are included for an annual fee. Technical support includes unlimited phone and email support. Upgrades include access to minor and major releases.

1st year - $999 FREE Introductory Rate
2nd year - $799.20 Buy Second Year, Save 20%

You will be notified 30 days prior to expiration with the option to renew.