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Project ManagementProject Management that Works for You

Customer Relationship Management Opportunities

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) begins with a request and ends with a sale and a satisfied customer. Workgroups DaVinci manages the sales process with smart forms built to manage prospects, opportunities, as well as project initiation (for example creative briefs) and management.

Customer Facing Online Submission Portal

CRM facilitates the collaboration you need to maintain relationships and efficient workflow. An online submission portal can be tailored to your customer's specific needs.

Workgroups SalesForce CRM  Integration

Workgroups Davinci even seamlessly integrates with other CRM systems, including:

Customizable Dashboards

Visual Dashboards can be configured with custom widgets that can be designed for any purpose, such as sales opportunities, campaign management, project component management, calendars, to-do lists, traffic management, proofing and approval, timesheets, timelines, and much more.

Your Own Nomenclature can be used to call your projects Products, Campaigns, Projects, Jobs, Components or whatever your organize is used to. Organize the projects into hierarchies that fit your needs.

Advanced Workflow and Scheduling

Advanced Workflow & Scheduling allows you to manage every project from start to finish. Our next generation Advanced Workflow and Scheduling engine pre-emptively monitors schedules and workflows, activates to-do lists, automates routing, alerts users of potential problems or delays, and seamlessly integrates with third party systems. Interactive Gantt charts help you visualize your schedule.

Traffic Management Chart

Traffic Management tools include gantt charts, interactive planning, and resource allocation.

Role Assignment in Workgroups

Workload & Availability Indicators help select the right talent with the capability to perform a task or project, or reassign workloads to facilitate the right people on the right projects.

Shared File Workspace

Shared File Workspace allows users to store files that are accessible to the entire workgroup, regardless of access to a file server. Files can be uploaded, downloaded, tagged, and versioned singularly or as a group.

Document Organization

Document Organization automates the process of managing the location of files, emails, email attachments, and scanned documents. Simple drag and drop functionality makes it easy for files to be transported and organized directly onto your file server, saving enormous amounts of time and eliminating misplaced files.

Document Organization

Email Management allows users to simply drag-and-drop files, emailed attachments or even the emails themselves onto an smart form where they will be stored and accessible to the workgroup, as well as directly associated with the relevant job.

Electronic Ticket and Form Editor

Designed to be Designed is the motto of Workgroups DaVinci. No other solution includes as many out-of-the-box features with the built-in flexibility to design your system to fit your unique workflow, information and organization needs. The look, feel, terminology, menus, and access can even be controlled based on user roles, minimizing user rollout training.

Smart Forms allow you to stop the paper chase in your organization. Centralized smart forms can store, automate entry of and validate virtually any information to be instantly shared across your organization.

Custom Notifications allow your organization to automatically notify your workgroup of important new or recently changed information pertaining to their daily tasks or workflows.

Security can be setup for users, groups and even organizational units allowing you to maintain complete control over information access and available capabilities in your solution.

User Report Authoring

User Reporting allows users to create their own searches and reports and save them as menu items for reuse.

Powerful Report Authoring just got easier. Quickly build informative and useful reports complete with charts, graphs and other elements. Gain visibility to your Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Library Exporting

Scripting Your Tasks by using the powerful AppleScript language to automate activities or to drive any number of the hundreds of scriptable applications.

Scheduling Your Tasks provides an ability to run scripts at scheduled times to, for example, email reports, pull/push data into third party apps, or even automate production tasks.

Libraries Import/Export capabilities allow administrator to import or export solutions. Solutions include integrations, automations, custom plug-ins, smart forms, reports, and more.

Online Proofing & Review Made Simple

Online Proofing Management Dashboard

Online Proofing & Review is more than just marking up proofs, it’s about creativity and sharing ideas and ultimately, about getting it right.

Management Dashboard includes all the information users need to manage, navigate and command their online proofing reviews.

Proofing Workflow Scheduling

Workflow & Scheduling and automated proof routing is a key functionality in any approval and review system. Workgroups DaVinci is the only solution with integrated approval and production workflow scheduling & forecasting. Whether your approval is a simple client review or a complete multi-stage review with various parties and revision cycles, Workgroups DaVinci automates the entire process.

Multiple File Review

Multi-File Review can be used when all the files must pass review together for an actual approval.

Users Audit provides the ability for all changes made by users and groups to be reviewed at any time, including the precise time and description of an action performed, as well as the login name and IP-address of a change initiator.

Proof Discussion Thread

Keep it Simple is the only philosophy through which online proofing solutions are successfully implemented. Reviewers don't want to have to learn how to use new tools, they want to do their job. Workgroups DaVinci's online proofing was built around this principle with easy to use dashboards, concise email reminders and a beautifully organized annotation and markup tool.

Easy Annotation Tools such as the pen, measurement, box, arrow, comment and text selection tool make adding feedback simple.

Customizable Review Statuses allow you to hide review statuses that are not used in your approval workflow. Additionally, you can now create predefined comments for each review status, which reviewers will be able to replace, edit or submit the review as is.

Video Review in Workgroups DaVinci

Graphics & Video are extensively supported including PDF, Illustrator, most graphic file formats, video (including frame by frame annotation), audio files and web pages.

Version Control keeps track of all revisions, comments and approvals creating an audit trail for reviewers and managers to view at any time.

Digital Signature complies with United States FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11.

Version Comparison in Workgroups DaVinci

Version Comparison allows reviewers to quickly compare different versions of files and examine versions side-by-side or in overlay mode.

A Highlight Changes tool instantly illuminates the differences between versions making changes easy to see.

Online Proofing Mobile Support

Mobile Apps. State of the art HTML5 proofing and annotation tools allow you to proof & review virtually any file from any device, including your desktop, laptop, Apple iOS or Android Device. No legacy Flash, Silverlight or Java required!

Microsoft Office, Adobe CS/CC and Online Documents Support

Microsoft Office Integration allows users to pass Microsoft Office documents through review stages and schedules. All edits (including track changes) are automatically saved back to Workgroups DaVinci. No downloading. No Uploading. Just seamless integration.

Adobe CS Editorial Workflow adds powerful workflow and scheduling tools to Adobe’s InDesign/InCopy publishing solution.

Online Documents that are accessible from a URL, for example, Google Docs, Microsoft Office 365 and Balsamiq can be routed and optionally edited. It’s as simple as copying and pasting the URL and letting Workgroups DaVinci do the rest.

Website Proofing and Review

Web Page Proofing can be easily done by passing Workgroups DaVinci a URL and it will automatically make a proof of the web page for approval & review.

Email Notifications

Automated Reminder Emails are like having a digital customer service representative. A visual and consolidated email with a list of the proofs requiring attention are automatically sent to reviewers helping remind them and keeping projects on schedule.

Review from Your Email using a visual and consolidated list of the proofs that need your attention.

Custom Branding adds a personal identity to your online proofing dashboard and email notifications by adding your own logos, colors and styles.

Customizable Proof Fields

Customizable Proof Fields allow for an unlimited amount of custom fields to be created, enabling additional information to be added to your proofs.

Automated Digital Asset Management

Workgroups Project Production Files

Digital Asset Management has the powerful benefit of allowing project metadata to be automatically associated with digital assets for searching purposes. This provides instant benefits to your users and a wealth of information to complete searches based on without the need for any manual data entry.

Digital Resource Search Results

Google Like Searching allows you to find files stored on your computer, server, the cloud, DVD, tape, or other media.

Powerful Search by Association allows you to find files based on the metadata the files are associated with. So for example, a project name, brand, date, or any smart form field! You get all these search benefits just by turn the system on.

Full-Size Digital Resource Document Preview

Full-Size Document Previews include multi-page previews and extensive document metadata, right down to the fonts, box size and text content for all files and documents, providing visibility and context across your organization.

File Version Control

File Version Control allows file storage repositories to be setup and managed through a centralized file version control database. Users can then check files in and out of the repository, maintain versions and make comments on each new version.

File Server Indexing provides a real-time capture of extensive file metadata including XMP and text content. The indexing engine can even learn your folder naming conventions and use those conventions to associate files with projects.

Digital Art Catalogues can be created and shared for quick and accurate reuse, brand management, customer approval, and design and marketing project management.

Photoshoot File Management

Photoshoot Management capabilities allow photographers to organize groups of photos from sessions, which can then be sorted out and drag and dropped onto approved collections. This allows photographers and stakeholders to choose the best files and with another drag and drop the photo(s) can easily be added to a creative project for production.

Creative Design Management

Adobe CS & QuarkXPress Integration saves time by letting designers work directly in their native creative applications. Plug-ins for QuarkXPress, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign provide users with the ability to look up schedules, job tickets and find digital assets.

Adobe Creative Cloud Support allows teams to share files and provides an integrated project management system. Files can even be routed for approval or downloaded to the local file server. Workgroups DaVinci works seamlessly with Adobe Creative Cloud making your team more efficient.

Mac OS X Integration allows users to quickly look up file metadata and even archive files and folders directly from the Mac OS X Finder.

File Archiving Integration

Archive your production files to your choice of offline media or to online servers. Users can retrieve files from offline media or request retrieval through a pre-determined workflow. Built-in support is included for the most popular third-party archiving and media authoring applications including:

  • Nero
  • Roxio Toast
  • ARCserve
  • Retrospect
  • Rimage CD/DVD Production Systems
  • Built-in Mac OS X CD/DVD Authoring
  • Microsoft Removable Storage Manager (RSM)

Financial Productivity Management

Managing Financial Estimates

Financial Management has many meanings, but in Workgroup DaVinci it means gain, track, measure, tune and provide insight and control over expenses, estimates, and budgets as well as accurately invoicing or charging back to the proper department.

Estimates, Quotes and Proposals are important to measure against actual costs. Use templates or create free-form line items to account for your services, outside work and procurements. The bottom line is the bottom line: How to make your organization profitable and accountable.

Time Recording in Workgroups DaVinci Financial Management Software

Time Recording capabilities allow employees to record time and materials in real time or in any manner you permit, whether it's real time, or at the end of the day. This allows you to track budgets and actual vs. estimated.

Capture Customer Alterations by recording and marking them in real-time to record and bill for the costs associated with customer changes. Customer alterations are summarized and dropped onto invoices automatically, where they may be edited or removed.

Procurement Features in Workgroups DaVinci

Procurement enables users the ability to seamlessly generate a dynamic request for quote (including specs), present it to multiple vendors, collaborate, and receive bids back through a vendor accessible web portal. Vendors can be awarded bids and notified, purchase order(s) created, production files transferred to vendor, and costs (with markup) charged back to the project or job.

Job Cost Analysis and Reporting in Workgroups DaVinci

Job Cost Analysis generates a report that provides an analysis of the costs created in the system with results categorized in detailed views, outside purchase views or summarized views.

Versatile WIP Reporting allows customizable reports of all jobs that have not yet been invoiced through a specified date, along with their associated costs broken down by time, material items, miscellaneous items, outside purchases, and total costs.

Employee Productivity Analysis generates summary reports for insight into labor, materials and miscellaneous tasks that have been charged by individuals or groups of employees over any specified range of dates.

Job Automated Invoicing with flexible billing models allows billing to be collected and automated. Invoices can be processed in batches and automatically generated for editing.

Partial Invoicing is available for any part of a job, allowing you to keep track of what is paid and remaining.

Third Party Accounting Software Integration

Accounting Integration support for third party accounting systems is designed to let you easily transfer your accounts receivable information to most accounting systems, including:

  • MYOB
  • Quickbooks
  • PeachTree
  • Great Plains
  • MAS 90
  • Sage
  • Lawson
  • SAP
  • Oracle Financial

Flexible Deployment Options

On Premise Installation allows full control of your system deployment. Your organization can integrate with other internal systems using:

  • Web Services
  • LDAP
  • File/XML Data Transfer

Hosted in the Cloud. No hardware. No software. No boundaries. In addition, there are no internal administration fees. Backups, upgrades and technical support are included in the cost of the system. Global access using our cloud network ensures high performance access anywhere you need to work. Hosted systems maybe also be integrated with other internal systems using:

  • Web Services
  • File/XML Data Transfer

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Adobe CS & QuarkXPress

Graphic designers save time by working directly in their native creative applications. Plug-ins for QuarkXPress, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign provide users with the ability to look up schedules, job tickets and find digital assets.

Illustration indicating Plug-in support for Mac OS X Finder, QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign CS5, and Adobe Illustrator CS5.

Mac OS Integration Plug-ins

Quickly look up file metadata and even archive files and folders directly from the Mac OS X Finder.

Adobe Publishing Workflow

Add powerful workflow and scheduling tools to Adobe’s InDesign/InCopy publishing solution. Project manage your editorial content creation, review and editing. Learn More.