Virtual Ticket

Customizable Electronic Tickets

Stop the paper chase in your organization with centralized electronic tickets that can store virtually any information and share it across your organization instantly. Electronic tickets can be made to visually represent your familiar paper tickets and can be made “smart” by setting up form rules eliminating inconsistent, incomplete, or inaccurate information.

Online Proofing & Review

Project traffic managers can integrate online proofs and review cycles right into the main project schedule, allowing for automated workflow routing and centralized scheduling during the creative project management cycle.

Screenshot showing online proofing and reviews integrated with Advanced Workflow & Scheduling for Workgroups workflow and project management software.

Role Based Interface

A complete user experience can be tailored by the users role (for example Creative Director) in the organization, including the ability to present a role specific dashboard upon login, menu navigation, searches, and reports. When users login, they will find themselves immersed in an interface that is designed specifically for them and their convenience.

Screenshot showing a customized application menu for Advanced Workflow & Scheduling in Virtual Ticket ticketing and workflow management software.

Outlook, Entourage & Apple Mail

Users can simply drag-and-drop files, emailed attachments, or even the emails themselves onto an electronic ticket and they will be instantly tracked with the project and organized on your computer or server. Drag-and-drop is a must-have feature in creative project management software.

Screenshot showing an email being dragged out of Apple Mail into a file collector with its content being indexed.

Visual File References

Visual aliases of any file or directory tracking in your projects can be copy and pasted onto project tickets and referenced. That’s a great way to communicate to others in the organization which files are to be used for a project and to apply instructions about what needs to be done.

File Version Control

In addition to standard file server based production, one or more file storage repositories can be setup and managed through a centralized file version control database. Users can then check files in and out of the repository, maintain versions, and make comments on each new version. This process works exceptionally when maintaining a higher level of control of files is required, for instance in web, interactive or catalog production.

Screenshot showing integrated file check-in/check-out in a Virtual Ticket file collector.

Project History

Detailed creative project management tracking. Every change to your project information is automatically recorded and timestamped with the user that changed it. This audit trail is critical in maintaining accountability and compliance.

Workflow and Scheduling Engine

The next generation of the Advanced Workflow and Scheduling engine has arrived! Built as a server-based workflow engine, the system is able to pre-emptively monitor schedules and workflow, alert users of potential problems or delays, and seamlessly integrate with third party systems.

Workflow Configuration Wizard

Simple sequential configuration steps guide project traffic managers through the entire process, making it easy to learn and quick to get started.

Screenshot of the Advanced Workflow & Scheduling configuration window showing AWS already enabled for 'Jobs' and being enabled for 'Customers'.

Precision Timelines

Any schedule can be planned in durations of minutes, hours or days providing you the ability to accommodate quick-turn activities or longer-term activities within a project timeline.

Screenshot detailing a specific schedule, including date and time, of a particular project.


Manage marketing and design projects with visual dashboards presenting focused and role specific information upon logging in or on demand. Dashboards can be used to present users with navigational choices, user To-Do lists, button driven automation and customizable reports.

Screenshot showing a 'To Do List' implemented as a Virtual Ticket custom dashboard.

Event Notifications

Setup business rules that automatically notify your workgroup of important new or recently changed information. Notifications help drive your process to respond instantly to changes in your project.

Document Organizer

Files, emails, email attachments, scanned documents and entire file directories can be dragged and dropped onto project tickets and automatically moved and organized on your computer or server, eliminating misplaced files and greatly reducing the time it takes to manage files.

Screenshot of the new Document Organizer mode in file collectors.

Digital Art Catalogs

Organize catalogs of digital art for quick and accurate reuse, brand management, customer approval, and design and marketing project management. Capture XMP metadata or use customizable metadata to label digital assets to find them easily.

Screenshot showing an art catalog with digital assets of a system organized by a specified theme.

Integrated Web Services

Integrate web services, like FedX or Google Maps directly into your projects, eliminating manual browser navigation and data entry. Manage marketing materials and design projects easier by integrating with online software.

Screenshot of Virtual Ticket showing an embedded web browser displaying a web page.