Job Manager

Cloud Hosted

Job Manager is available for installation on site or as a new hosted subscription service through Hosted services are quick to implement and start as low as $39 per user, per month (plus server fees). Sign up for service now.

Streamlined Installation

An intelligent wizard automatically configures the installation procedure based on your Job Manager license and operating system. Components required by the installer are now downloaded dynamically from the US, Europe or Asia...all based on the installer's location.

User-Friendly Configuration

Configuration of Job Manager is made as easy as it can be. Not only can it automatically detect most of the required settings, a number of in-place tests ensure that the settings you choose will work correctly.

Configuring the web portal for the Workgroups project management software.

Built-in SMTP Server

Administrators now have a choice of using their own SMTP server or a new built-in SMTP server to send email. Using the built-in SMTP Server provides administrators with the benefit of simplifying setup, the ability to offload email operations from their main mail server and the ability to quickly set up test systems with no corporate IT support.

The email setup window in Workgroups workflow and project management software.


Use the new all-in-one Server Configurator to create new databases, change the application family of existing databases, configure reporting services and email notifications, update license certificates and more.

Screenshot of the system's configuration app starting a project management database. Buttons for attaching an existing project management database or creating a new one are present.

Desktop Application Deployment Page

Using just a standard web browser, users can automatically download, install and log in.

A screenshot showing the built in application deployment page providing users with an easy way to download and install the Virtual Ticket desktop app, or launch the app once it is installed.

Minimal Server Requirements

Job Manager server components can run on Windows 7, Windows Vista Business Edition or even Windows XP (see system requirements for specifics). Because of this, developers can usually set up testing and prototyping systems right on their desktop computers.

License Certificates

A simplified licensing manager allows administrators to manage their licenses as a single certificate instead of as multiple serial numbers. An “In-Use” view shows currently licensed capacity and real-time use.

Microsoft Windows and SQL Server

Use current versions of 32 and 64-bit Microsoft Windows and SQL Server:

  • SQL Server 2008 (including Express Edition)
  • SQL Server 2005 (including Express Edition)
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP

Built-in LDAP Authentication

LDAP support is now built-in to Job Manager so you can use your corporate LDAP/Active Directory server to authenticate users' sign in.

HTTP Support

Desktop applications use HTTP or HTTPS network protocol to communicate with the server. This allows them to efficiently communicate over the Internet and through firewalls, just like a web browser.

A screenshot of the User Login window for the Virtual Ticket desktop application showing that the connection is established using the HTTP network protocol.

Third Party Integration

Job Manager is built on a modern technology stack that provides developers with an industry standard way to add additional features, build customized solutions and integrate with third-party systems. Development is supported through .NET plug-ins, SOAP, JSON and MetaScript (MetaCommunications' extension to JavaScript 1.8).