Job Manager

Estimates, Quotes, Proposals

Build accurate estimates based on actual cost history information captured in the system. Create estimate line-items from predefined tasks, materials and ordered items. Create free-form line items to account for outside services, custom work and more. Accurate estimates increase your bottom line, decrease your business risk and help improve customer satisfaction.

Screenshot showing an estimate being created based on actual cost history information captured in the system.

Estimate Templates

Set up master estimates for commonly quoted jobs and simply duplicate them when the need arises. It's so simple and fast, virtually anyone in your organization can create accurate quotes.

Job Costs Analysis

Generate a report that provides an analysis of the costs created in the system with results categorized in detailed views, outside purchase views or summarized views.

Workflow Analysis

A summarized view of each cost center encountered by jobs during the period, including the cost center name and code, the number of times it was encountered by jobs during the period and the average amount of time each job resided in the cost center. On-demand views provide information on the labor, material and miscellaneous tasks that have been charged by one or multiple departments/cost centers.

Job Charge

Similar to the Job Recorders used by employees, special Job Charge features allow managers to create backdated job charges, enter timesheets and apply outside purchases.

Invoice Distribution

Distribute invoice amounts to various General Ledger (GL) accounts and provides a means for approving invoices for export to accounting systems.

Conceptual graphic of billing and invoicing being calculated for easy distribution.

Automated Invoicing

Flexible billing models allow billing to be collected and automated. Invoices can be processed in batches and automatically generated for editing.

Customer Alterations Capture

Record and mark customer alterations in real-time to record and bill for the costs associated with customer changes. Customer alterations are summarized and dropped onto invoices automatically, where they may be edited or removed.

Estimate Conversion

Once an estimate has been approved by your customer, you may easily convert it into a job. This significantly reduces the time needed for data entry in creating the job and provides a convenient and accurate audit trail that allows you to review the estimates that become live jobs.

Time Capture

Using the Job Recorder window, users can capture time using a stop clock and materials. Charges can be recorded against a job as billable or non-billable.

Screenshot of a job recorder tracking time spent by a user on a particular part of the workflow process.

Work in Process Reporting

Get a customizable report of all jobs that have not yet been invoiced through a specified date, along with their associated costs broken down by time, material items, miscellaneous items, outside purchases and total costs.

Screenshot displaying an analysis of a job in process based on what has currently been invoiced.

Employee Analysis

Generate summary reports for insight into labor, material and miscellaneous tasks that have been charged by individual or groups of employees over date ranges you specify.

Accounting Integration

Built in and integrated support for third party accounting systems is designed to let you use the Job Manager module as the front-end to your accounting system. Use this capability to leverage the powerful packages available today. Built-in support is provided for:

  • MYOB
  • Quickbooks
  • PeachTree
  • Great Plains
  • More…
Additional integration support is available for:
  • MAS 90
  • Sage
  • Lawson
  • SAP
  • Oracle Financial
  • More…

Invoice Backdating

Invoice backdating features are available for users with sufficient privileges in the system.

Partial Invoicing

Any number of partial invoices may be issued for a job or project in the system.