Job Manager


Improve Efficiency, Capture Revenue, and Put More on the Bottom Line

Build your business or workgroup with solid financial management. Job Manager’s powerful financial management tools enable creative and production workgroups to accurately create estimates and quotes, monitor job costs, quickly generate on-demand reporting and invoices, and share information with industry-leading accounting systems.

Quickly Create Estimates & Proposals

A simple interface for quickly creating cost estimates, billing quotes or proposals. Estimates and proposals are based upon predefined cost and price lists, making the process easy and repeatable. Estimate templates may be duplicated to speed creation of standard job types.

Screenshot showing some of the estimating capabilities of Job Manager.

Spend Less Time Processing Orders

Job management should not be a job in itself, staying on top of a fast-paced workgroup is no trivial task. Use the power and flexibility of Workgroups to take the effort out of job management and spend less time processing orders.

Collect Time, Materials and Expenses

Track all your costs and expenses using built-in data collection windows. Users can use start and stop timers or simply add their time to a job via an easy-to-learn and non-intrusive interface.

A project analytics chart showing different expenses in different departments based on the time tracked in each department.

Capture More Billing

Are you losing revenue because you don't have a record of customer alterations or the ability to capture and understand all of the costs associated with each project? With Job Manager, you can capture the details about actual work performed, expenses incurred, and costs associated with every step of the production process. Stop leaving money on the table.

Automate Invoicing

Save time and capture revenue by creating accurate and detailed partial or complete invoices and optional automatic time and materials billing for all your projects.

Track, Measure, and Tune

Integrated data collection tools allow workgroups to unobtrusively record their daily activities and expenses. Easy-to-understand, common-sense reporting lets managers quickly measure productivity and barriers to efficiency, thereby allowing them to make informed decisions on how to improve business processes and reduce expenses.

Integrate with Industry Standard Back Office Accounting Solutions

Job Manager is engineered to provide a seamless interface to many industry standard account systems including Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Lawson, Quickbooks, MYOB, Peachtree and more.

Product shots of QuickBooks, Peachtree, and FirstEdge accounting software that integrates with Job Manager.

Understand Your Costs and Profit

Use your choice of many predefined reports, an ad hoc query tool, and the ability to import reports to help you understand your expenses. Predefined and custom reports can include comprehensive productivity analysis, workflow analysis, profitability, comparative reports, and more.

Screenshot showing a project analytics detail: the total number of bills invoiced to a specified date across multiple projects.