Digital Storage Manager

Project Production

Project production based digital asset management has the powerful benefit of allowing project metadata to be automatically associated with digital assets for searching purposes. This provides instant benefits to your document management and a wealth of information to search on, like customer, brand or project type, without requiring users to manually add metadata to files.

Server Indexing

Logo and icon of InterSync, the digital asset indexing technology used in Workgroups project management software.

Utilize a powerful, high-performance indexing technology called InterSyncTM to provide real-time capture of extensive file metadata including XMP and text content. InterSyncTM has proven itself in some of the world's most demanding production environments.

Full-Size Document Previews

View full-sized, multi-page previews and extensive document metadata, right down to the fonts, box size and text content for all files and documents. Preview extraction is performed automatically by the system. Once captured, these previews are available whether the files are stored online, near-line or offline.

Branded Web Portal

Manage documents and marketing assets in your own portal. Simple yet secure portal access for external freelancers, marketing departments, customers or vendors that provides secure and restricted access to important files.

Archiving Automation

Quickly and simply archive your production files to your choice of offline media or to online servers. Users can retrieve files from offline media or request retrieval through a built-in workflow. Our streamlined file retrieval turns marketing asset management and document management into simple task.

Find Files Anywhere

Find files stored on your computer, server, the cloud, DVD, tape or other media. Users can search using file metadata including text (including PDF, Word, QuarkXPress or Adobe CS files), XMP metadata, keywords, associated customer and project information and much more.

File Association

A unique feature of InterSync allows it to learn your folder naming conventions and use those conventions to associate the files with projects in Digital Storage Manager. This creates a centralized view for users to see everything in one place and to find files based on project metadata.

MS Office MetaData

Microsoft Office, including PowerPoint, Word and Excel, is supported by our built-in metadata engine. Content and thumbnails are captured for many Office applications making it easy to see and manage digital files.

Digital Resource Explorer

Browse the digital assets of your organization by their location, much like the Mac OS X Finder or Windows Explorer manage documents.

Helper Applications for Archiving

Use built-in support for the most popular third-party archiving and media authoring applications to simplify your archiving activities and digital asset management.

  • Nero
  • Roxio Toast
  • ARCserve
  • Retrospect
  • Rimage CD/DVD Production Systems
  • Built-in Mac OS X CD/DVD Authoring
  • Microsoft Removable Storage Manager (RSM)