Digital Storage Manager 2011


Find, Share, and Store Files, Anywhere

Digital Storage Manager is a powerful storage management solution specially designed for creative, publishing and prepress workgroups.

Workgroups generate thousands of digital document files during the creative and production process. As the number of files grows, so do the challenges faced by the professionals who need them. With Digital Storage Manager you have the tools and capabilities to overcome these challenges. Take control of your digital workflows so that you can work more efficiently and effectively.

A screenshot showing search results of assets in the digital asset management system.

Give Everyone Visual Access to Digital Assets

Now users outside of the creative or production workflow can have access to file previews without the native applications, even if the file is offline or unavailable to them through the file system. This, for example, allows customer service personnel or on road sales people to instantly find and see documents without relying on production staff.

Automatically Searchable

Automate the entire process of capturing and applying metadata with the powerful InterSync indexing technology. Much like Google indexes web servers to provide useful search results, InterSync performs a similar function for your file server. Users can search for files based on file metadata, text content, or even by the information on their associated project.

A screenshot showing digital asset management functionality integrated with project management software functionality.

Stop Recreating Your Work

Reuse, don't redo your work. Powerful search tools enable users to find files across all the workgroup's storage resources - including multiple file servers, near-line storage, and offline media. Users can quickly find and retrieve files based on custom or associated metadata.

Leverage Your Creative Repository

Imagine having instant access to visual previews of files related to a customer, brand, or library. With such access at hand, coming up with new concepts and ideas is much easier. As Workgroups DaVinci tracks your files, it automatically builds a searchable repository of information that you can rely on to create and innovate for your company.

Share Files Outside Your Workgroup

Open a window to your production files for external freelancers, marketing departments, customers, or vendors. Access is secure from any location with an internet connection. At last you can provide a simple way for stakeholders outside your workgroups to access the files they need

Simple Archive & Retrieval Workflow

Powerful archiving capabilities promote efficient use of available storage resources and provide for the automatic creation of disaster recovery (backup) media. Use automated workflows and helper applications to make retrieving files, even from offline media, simple and efficient.

A screenshot showing the digital  workflow for requesting files to be returned from offline storage.