Digital Storage Manage

Automatically organize and find your files, emails, and scanned documents with the automated tools in Digital Storage Manager. Powerful search capabilities mean that staff can easily find prior artwork, customer job file attachments, or even scanned paperwork. An optional web portal provides clients and customers with secure and restricted access to their job files over the internet. View Features...

What Digital Storage Manager Can Do For You

Workgroups generate thousands of digital document files during the creative and production process. As the number of files grow, so do the challenges faced by the professionals who need them. With Digital Storage Manager, you have the tools and capabilities to overcome these challenges, take control of your digital workflows, making work more effective and efficient. View Benefits...

Top 5 Benefits of Digital Storage Manager

  1. Drag-and-drop document management
  2. Find any file, anywhere
  3. Find by metadata, text content, and file attributes
  4. Automatic file server indexing
  5. Archive and Retrieval Automation
  6. More...

Upgrade to Workgroups DaVinci

Get all of the functionality of Digital Storage Manager along with digital ticketing, project management, approval and proofing tools, as well as financial productivity management when you buy Workgroups DaVinci. Workgroups is a customizable, modular solution that will help you run your business more efficiently.
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