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Make Online Proofing Simple for Reviewers

Reviewer Dashboard

A custom dashboard includes all the information users need to manage, navigate and command their online proofing reviews.

Interactive Scheduling

All proof reviews include due dates that are automatically tied to a master schedule. Late online proofing reviews are visually indicated and optionally notified by email.

Screenshot of a user's soft proofing review dashboard in Approval Manager.

Automated Reminders

Stay on time with automated email reminders that include your current and past due To-Do list.

Custom Branding

Extend your unique corporate identity to your emails and online proofing web portal.

Review from your Email

Receive a visual and consolidated email with a list of the proofs that need your attention or online approval right to your email.

Screenshot of an electronic proofing review list displaying a users current active reviews in Approval Manager soft proofing software.

Mobile Platform SupportNEW

Thanks to universal HTML5 support, the new version of Approval Manager is now available and fully functional on most mobile devices, including iPad and Android tablets. No Flash, Silverlight or third party plug-ins are required, just a modern browser.

Approval Manager Proofing on Mobile Devices

Redesigned HTML5 ProoferNEW

Redesigned toolbars and icons, new color theme options, as well as new tools and layout settings provide a clear, customizable workspace for users to collaborate and complete reviews.

Real-time Collaboration

View comments, current reviewers, review statuses and other valuable information as it is created all from one central area.

Review Multiple File Types

Approval Manager's proofer supports PDF, Illustrator, Balsamiq, Image, Video files, as well as Web Pages. Other file types are supported through the use of integrated native proofers and applications.

Screenshot of a review Approval Manager's browser-based online proofing tool.

Simple Annotation Tools

Markup and comment on files using the pen, measurement, box, arrow, color picker, text selection or comment annotation tools.

Multi-Page Files

Click through visual page indicators to quickly navigate multi-page proof files. Great for proofs with large page counts.

Text Selection ToolNEW

Select text to provide more detailed feedback on content. Highlight, replace, remove or insert additional text. Annotations made with the Text Selection tool can also be exported into PDFs.

Screenshot of a review in Spark!, a browser-based online proofing tool in Approval Manager.

Version ComparisonNEW

New version comparison features allow reviewers to quickly compare different versions of files. Reviewers can examine versions side-by-side or in overlay mode.

The Highlight Changes tool instantly illuminates the differences between versions making changes easy to see.

Color Picker ToolNEW

Reviewers can view color values and make annotations directly related to the colors used in the files with the new Color Picker tool.

Digital Signature

Fully complies with United States FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11. Once enabled, reviewers will be required to provide verification of their identity before submitting a review.

Screenshot of a review in Spark!, a browser-based online proofing tool in Approval Manager.

Support for Microsoft Office
and Online Documents

Microsoft Office and online documents (for example Microsoft Office Desktop files, Google Docs, Microsoft Office 365 and Balsamiq) can be routed through Approval Manager's workflow system for seamless approval and review. No uploading or downloading is required. It's all automated.

URL Proofing

Enter a URL instead of uploading a proof file. Web Pages and HTML Emails are rendered as proofs in Spark! for users to review. Open the URL directly out of Spark! to view the link in a browser to double check the web page functionality.

Screenshots of the new Video Timeline and the new ability to add URLs to reviews in Approval Manager.
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Manage and Automate Your Online Approval

Manage. Produce. Review.

Simple tabs provide instant organization of the proofs you manage, produce, or review.

Visual Dashboard

Our online proofing software lets you see what proof files are active, the stage they're in, their review status, thumbnail previews and the files that are in need of your attention.

Screenshot showing a customized interface for Approval Manager digital proofing software.

Production & Approval

Organize your proofs through an unlimited number of approval stages: creative, ad and marketing, merchandising, legal, customer services, sales and more.

Audit Trail

All web proofing actions, including proof uploads, reviews and emails are automatically captured and stored as Proof History.

Proof Revisions

Proof revisions are automatically saved allowing managers to step back through a proofing workflow and see what revisions were made.

Review Status

Updated in real-time, each reviewer’s decision is reflected for each approval stage along with the previous version's review status.

Screenshot showing an example of review stages in Approval Manager digital proofing software.

Manage Multiple Files

Create an individual proof to route files independently or a group proof to route files together.

Workflow Templates

Create, save and apply workflow templates for commonly used online proofing processes.

Centralized Contacts Database

Easily add reviewers to the database, allowing other users to quickly look up the reviewer and manager's email addresses on-the-fly.

Auto-Route Files

Automatically move proofs through review stages based on rules or choose to manually route them as a manager.

Screenshot showing an example of review stages in Approval Manager electronic proofing software.

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