Reviewer Dashboard

Use a custom dashboard that includes a prioritized listing of proofs and actions necessary for a reviewer to complete their online proofing reviews.

Custom Branding

Add a personal identity to your online proofing dashboard and email notifications by adding your own logos, colors and styles. Web proofing customization does not require programming or scripting and can be accomplished within minutes.

A screenshot of a custom logo and color scheme in the browser-based Approval Manager and Job Manager.

Simple Annotation Tools

Annotate proofs easily with labeled soft proofing tools. Leave a comment, box-out a section, point something out, measure, rotate and zoom.

A screenshot showing a comment being posted to a file under review in Spark!, a browser based proofing tool that plugs in to Approval Manager.

Visual Dashboard of Projects

Use dashboards to visually traffic and schedule projects. This provides managers with the ability to see at a glance the current status of all documents under review and conveniently drill down to the details of the online proofing process.

Screenshot of a proof review dashboard for an individual user showing certain approvals that require their attention.

Proofing Audit Trail

Automatically record and store every web proofing comment, annotation and action including proof reviews, uploads and emails in Proof History. This audit trail offers important details for quality assurance, customer alteration billing and historical purposes.

Screenshot of an audit trail for a particular review.

Customer Reviewers

Add new customers instantly. External customers can review proofs by following a link sent directly to their email. We make our online proofing software easy for the customer and easy for you.

Soft Proofing Reviews

Utilize our built in proofing application or supported third-party soft proofing tools. Adobe Acrobat Pro/Standard editions and Dalim Dialogue, a color accurate proofing system, are seamlessly supported. You can also specify any native application for online proofing software and use it for your document reviews.

Email Reminders

Get a concise, visual reminder listing all the proofs that require action from reviewers, production, or managers. You can act directly from your email and filter which notifications are sent to whom and how often.

Screenshot of an email notification of a production list for a member of an approval workflow in Workgroups Project Management Software.

Fast Online Proofing

Access proofs quickly and conveniently. Reviewers can access proofs via a web browser and view them at the resolution and size they require. This virtually eliminates browser load time for very large files over low bandwidth connections. Reviewers can view even the finest details in your documents with high-resolution zoom. Even at 6000%, details are quickly and clearly rendered.

File Formats

View files with ease. Spark! supports proofing of PDF, Illustrator, Balsamiq, Image, Video, Audio files as well as Web Pages. Other file types are supported through the use of integrated native proofers.

Multi-page Files

Click through visual page indicators to quickly navigate multi-page proof files. This feature is great for proofs with large page counts.

Production & Approval

Visually organize your proofs into production or approval stages. Visually manage the various groups or stakeholders needing to review proofs including creative production, marketing, legal and customer services.

Screenshot of setting up online approval workflow stages with the option to set approvals and reviews to public or private.

Track Proof Versions

Store and track all versions of a proof document approval along with the corresponding reviews, comments and annotations. This feature allows one-click comparisons between versions.

Screenshot showing different versions of a document review and online proof approval process.

Proof Review Status

Stay updated on approval stages. Managers and production can get a real-time update on feedback and proof review statuses for each approval stage.

Workflow Templates

Easily save and reuse a project workflow once it is defined. This allows users to quickly implement your online proofing reviewers and proofing stages for new projects.

Proof Auto-Routing

Use the auto-routing feature to reduce review turnaround time by automatically moving proofs through a review process based on the outcome of previous proofing rounds.