Proof Anywhere.

Our online proofing & review app allows you to manage approval workflows and feedback from any device or browser.

The #1 Workflow Automation App for Online Proofing & Review

Manage the Customer Relationship

Win more business. Whether your customers are within or outside your organization, customers can access an online proofing workspace on your own branded web portal that includes to-do lists, schedules and automated email reminders. Reduced web proofing and review cycle times will help you meet deadlines.

Powerful File Management Features

Control and manage all the files in your workflow. Use the Approval Manager's drag-and-drop file management system to easily upload multiple files into your approval processes. Utilize the advanced version control system to maintain a structured and organized file version history. Choose whether files are routed together in a group or separately to maximize your workflow efficiency.

Online Proofing and Reviews So Simple Anyone Can Do It

Reviewers can annotate and provide feedback with any web browser including iOS and Android mobile devices using the all new HTML5 based proofing and annotation tools. No Flash or Silverlight required. Approval Manager may also used with third party proof review tools including Adobe Acrobat and other native proofing tools already installed on your computer.

Communicate and Collaborate

Avoid the clutter of emails and keep your conversation tied to your workflow. Approval Manager makes it convenient to maintain conversations, share and collaborate all from one area. Comment, reply to comments and attach files directly on a file. Receive automated updates whether you’re a manager, producer or reviewer. Quickly view who has reviewed a proof and what stage the proof is in. Eliminate silos of information by bringing your team together and staying connected to your approval processes.

Visually Manage and Automate Your Online Approval

Workflow is much more than just putting a deadline on a project! With Approval Manager, you get the same proven workflow engine used in Workgroups DaVinci, providing proof-based trafficking & scheduling, management dashboards, multi-stage workflow, auto-routing, version control and alerts. Approval Manager is the only online proofing software with fully integrated project management.

Multi-Media File Support for Your Proofing Workflow

No matter what kind of media the project calls for, with Approval Manager's newly enhanced list of supported file types, you can create proofs from PDFs, Adobe Illustrator Files, Image Files, Video Files, Audio Files, Web Pages, Online Documents (Google Docs, Micorsoft Office 365, Balsamiq), Adobe Creative Cloud Files, and more. Newly added features to the Spark! proofing tool allow you to comment directly on the video timeline, making it as simple as possible to annotate and properly review more complex files.

Support for Adobe Publishing Workflow

Save time and improve accuracy by allowing editors to review InDesign digital proofs for approvals and directly make copy corrections using InCopy in real time. With our digital proofing software there is no more marking up PDFs and sending them back for corrections in another review cycle!

Deploy In-House or In the Cloud

With Approval Manager online proofing software, you get to decide which way to deploy. Install inside your organization for full control and security or regulatory compliance. Host in the cloud to reduce IT requirements. Regardless of where you deploy, always enjoy free unlimited users and proof storage.

Upgradable to Workgroups DaVinci

Your needs today may not be your only needs tomorrow. With Approval Manager online proofing software, there’s no need to start over with another web proofing solution or integrate with another electronic proofing product, simply upgrade to Workgroups DaVinci. Workgroups DaVinci includes comprehensive add-on modules for project management & scheduling, digital asset management and financial management. Learn More.

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