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New Project Management Software for Online Proofing Released by MetaCommunications

New project management software for online proofing, Approval Manager 2011, includes advanced workflow capabilities for managing the approval, feedback and review process

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Approval Manager 2011 Online Proofing and Review

IOWA CITY, IA - May 10, 2011. MetaCommunications today announced the immediate availability of the all new Approval Manager 2011. Approval Manager 2011 is a team based project management solution specifically developed for managing the soft proofing approval and feedback processes for marketing, creative and production environments.

Approval Manager is the only online proofing solution that includes project management, allowing managers to route proofs across multiple stages, manage schedules and centralize the workflow for proof approvals and feedback.

"Project managers can now track hundreds or even thousands of proofs throughout the entire proofing process on a visual dashboard." said Robert T. Long, President of MetaCommunications. "It's critical for organizations to be able to have a top level view of managers and designers involved in proofing projects."

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About Approval Manager 2011

Approval Manager 2011 is a unique team-based solution designed to automate the online proofing and review process.

Additional features and capabilities of Approval Manager include:

  • Multi-stage workflow - organizes your proofing workflow from production through multiple approval stages. Approval stages help navigate proofs across an organization - for example, marketing, merchandising, creative, legal, customer services, sales and more.
  • Support for PDF and most standard image file formats including PNG, GIF, JPEG, TIFF and more.
  • All actions, including proof uploads, reviews and emails are automatically captured and stored in an audit trail.
  • Simple to use annotation tools for users to leave a comment, box-out a section, point something out or rotate and zoom.
  • Tab-based browsing of previous versions, review stages and rounds.
  • Compatible with Mac OS X and Windows versions of Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer web browsers.

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Pricing and Availability

Approval Manager 2011 is available immediately in three editions - Express, Standard and as an integrated module of the Workgroups 2011 suite. Approval Manager Express edition is free and includes unlimited users, storage and proofs. Approval Manager Standard edition starts at $995 and includes complete workflow management. Approval Manager may be purchased from the MetaCommunication online store.

About MetaCommunications

MetaCommunications develops workflow and collaborative productivity solutions that help marketing, creative design, packaging and prepress workgroups around the world be more productive. MetaCommunications has over 1000 business customers including 3M, Anixter, Allstate Insurance, Bath & Body Works, Bon-Ton, Bridgestone, Crate & Barrel, Diageo, Eddie Bauer, Fox Sports, Mead Johnson Nutrition, Menasha, Merck, National Geographic, Pfizer, Staples, Sony, TJX, Talbots, United Nations, USA Today, Village Roadshow, Wilton, Yamaha, Younkers, and more.

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