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MetaCommunications Ships Production Pack™ 5.0

Major upgrade provides Mac OS X universal binary plug-ins for Adobe CS 3 automation.

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MetaCommunications Previews Workgroups 2007 with Web Seminars

Invitation-Only Events Played to Packed Audience

IOWA CITY, Iowa - May 11, 2007. MetaCommunications, a leading software developer of cross-platform process management and productivity solutions for the graphic arts industry, hosted a series of invitation-only Web seminars to preview the upcoming release of its new Workgroups 2007 Suite, the only process automation and management solution available for collaborative workgroups in the marketing, creative, publishing, prepress and print environments. Workgroups 2007 will be available for general release in the coming weeks.

Although the Workgroups 2007 suite is a tightly integrated offering comprised of four modules, it is also designed to be open and modular so users can adopt the modules of the suite that meet their initial needs, with the ability to easily grow into other functionality as their businesses grow.

"We are delighted with the response to our invitation-only Web seminars," said Robert T. Long, Executive Vice President of MetaCommunications. "We had hundreds of responses to our invitation, and within three days after emails went out, almost all of the sessions were filled." Long reports that the company held 20 Web seminars between May 3rd and May 11th.

One new Workgroups capability of particular interest to seminar attendees, Solutions Libraries, allows users to easily configure their workflow to meet their specific needs, and as future upgrades become available, this customization is automatically imported during the upgrade process without the need for expensive programmers.

With over 750 installations worldwide, and as many as 1,000 users per installation, Workgroups has been adopted by a wide range of diverse organizations that have capitalized on its value and capabilities to streamline workflow and improve productivity. These include Time, Inc., Bon-Ton stores, Centers for Disease Control, Sandy Alexander, the American College of Physicians, Hearst Publishing and the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency. Both existing customers and potential new customers attended the seminars.

The four core components included in Workgroups 2007 are:

  • Job Manager, a powerful suite of financial management tools that enable creative and production workgroups to accurately create estimates and quotes, monitor job costs, quickly generate on-demand reporting and invoices, and share information with industry leading accounting systems.
  • Virtual Ticket, a configurable job ticketing solution that brings together all the components of your work in a centralized location, including project briefs, job tickets, customer information, associated document files, and more. From this one location Virtual Ticket provides advanced workflow tools to help you manage and automate your processes, dramatically improving productivity, turnaround time, and quality.
  • Approval Manager, a tool for managing, tracking, and scheduling any approval process within and across creative and production environments.
  • Digital Storage Manager, a powerful storage management solution specially designed for creative, publishing and prepress workgroups, leveraging multiple file servers, near-line storage, and offline media.

By combining all four components in a streamlined, integrated suite, Workgroups 2007 unites and empowers workgroups by facilitating collaboration, automating processes, centralizing information, managing workflows, tracking files, and measuring key financial and productivity metrics.

"While there is a substantial increase in the functionality of Workgroups 2007, the big story is the inclusion of configurable, industry-specific databases," added Long. "This means that we will be able to easily extend the benefits of Workgroups' process automation to industries outside of the graphic arts. We plan to address a number of industries during 2007, including Legal, Video/Broadcast, CAD/CAM, Architectural Design and more. These modules will contain industry-specific workflow and terminology and will extend the benefits of process automation that our graphic arts customers have been enjoying to those industries. Based on the response in the seminars, this capability will be a big win for us and for our customers."

About MetaCommunications

MetaCommunications is a leading software developer of cross-platform process management and productivity solutions for the graphic arts industry, including its award-winning Job Manager™, Virtual Ticket™, Approval Manager™ and Digital Storage Manager™ components. MetaCommunications has thousands of users of its software worldwide, helping some of the world's top creative agencies, corporate marketing groups, printing and prepress firms, and publishers work more efficiently and profitably. MetaCommunications was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Iowa City, Iowa. For more information, please visit

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