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MetaCommunications Releases Digital Storage Manager 1.5

New Version adds a Mac OS X Development Environment, Plug-ins for Adobe's Creative Suite 2, and Integration with Rimage.

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IOWA CITY, Iowa— January 10, 2006 - MetaCommunications, Inc., a leading developer of business management and workflow solutions for the graphic arts industry, today announced the immediate availability of Digital Storage Manager 1.5, the first Intranet search and archive management system for creative workgroups. A powerful and intuitive product, Digital Storage Manager dramatically improves the ability of users to find files, manage metadata and archive. Creative workgroups (including prepress, publishing, design, web and photo) can index their online servers, archive files within a production environment, and automatically apply job, folder or file metadata which can later be used to search on.

Version 1.5 improves upon version 1.0 with the addition of a Mac OS X development environment, plug-in support for Adobe's Creative Suite, and seamless integration with Rimage CD/DVD duplication equipment. Digital Storage Manager's new Mac OS X development environment includes:

  • Advanced WYSIWYG forms editor
  • MetaScript (JavaScript) Editor
  • Precision Format Palettes
  • Inline Control Palettes
  • Multi-object Align and Edit Tools
  • Form Zoom

Digital Storage Manager 1.5's Production Pack now includes plug-in support for CS2 InDesign and CS2 Illustrator. These plug-ins provide document deconstruction for Digital Storage Manager's InterSyncTM indexing technology - enabling rich metadata to be extracted from these files. Additionally, the plug-ins provide the ability to lookup metadata directly from the native application.

Rimage CD/DVD duplicator support has been added to Digital Storage Manager's powerful Archiving toolset. This new seamless integration allows users to archive directly to Rimage equipment, providing completely automated CD/DVD burning, duplicate media, and inline CD/DVD printing and labeling.

"Version 1.5 adds capabilities to Digital Storage Manager found only in a few products costing six figures or more. Now our customers and prospects can benefit from tools and capabilities once reserved for large organizations with large budgets," said Robert T. Long, Executive Vice President of MetaCommunications.

About Digital Storage Manager
Every day creative, prepress and publishing professionals generate thousands of digital files during the production of a job or project. As the number of files grow, so do the challenges faced by the professionals who work with them. These professionals know all too well the frustration involved in recreating work that could have been easily reused, if it could only be found. IT support staff experience their own problems as more storage is added to accommodate user demand, resulting in increasingly complex and time-consuming backup and archiving procedures.

Digital Storage Manager includes the following key feature views and functions.

Digital Resource Explorer - Online production servers are automatically indexed by server agents, creating a mirror of pointers to actual files. Users can use customizable file tickets to quickly and easily add metadata to individual files or entire folders in real-time. Digital Storage Manager automatically captures file metadata and preview information from the most commonly used creative tools in the industry. Files or folders can be archived by selecting items in the window.

Production Jobs - This view enables users to manage files and folders as a job. Jobs folders can be assigned metadata which is automatically propagated to each file belonging to that folder. Jobs can also be archived from this window either immediately or at a specified future date.

Digital Resource Search - Production users can search across online and offline storage to find files and folders. Searches can be based on standard file metadata, customized job and file metadata or the contents of many file types. Searches can be saved by users or published to groups of users.

Cataloging - The Cataloging function allows users to easily import legacy files into the system.

Retrieval Request Queue - This view enables archivists to easily manage and fulfill file retrieval requests for offline media and automatically notify individuals when their request is completed.

Archiving Queue - The Archiving Queue provides a workflow for batch archiving of files and editing of metadata. It also enables archivists to manage online archives, and back up and archive files to offline.

Digital Storage Manager includes a set of integrated plug-ins for QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Mac OS X Finder, allowing users to edit metadata within familiar native applications without disrupting workflow. Digital Storage Manager also integrates with industry leading backup/archival solutions including BrightStor ARCserve, Dantz Retrospect, Powerfile R200, Roxio Toast. Rimage and Mac OS X Disk Utility.

Digital Storage Manager comes complete with a Web Server and a customizable portal interface for customers who wish to provide restricted, browser-based file access to external departments, customers and vendors.

An SDK is available for Digital Storage Manager which allows users to integrate with third party systems including FileMaker Pro. Using the SDK, third party production or marketing systems may be queried for metadata which, in turn, can be automatically applied to files or folder.

Pricing & Availability
Digital Storage Manager offers enterprise technology at a desktop price. Upgrades are available for a limited time free of charge to all Digital Storage Manager version 1.0 customers. Digital Storage Manager licensing is based on the total storage under management. Mac OS X and Web client access is unlimited. Pricing for storage increments of 100 GB, 250 GB, 1 TB, 2.5 TB, 5 TB, and Unlimited are available. Digital Storage Manager is available from authorized resellers, system integrators, distributors and OEM partners. For more information, call 319-337-8599, e-mail

About Rimage
Rimage Corporation is the world's leading provider of recordable CD and DVD publishing systems, which are used by businesses to produce discs with customized digital content on an on-demand basis. Rimage's publishing systems, which span the range from high to low CD/DVD production volumes, integrate robotics, software and surface label printers into a complete publishing solution. Rimage is focusing its CD/DVD publishing solutions on a set of vertical markets with special needs for customized, on-demand digital information: digital photography, medical imaging, financial institutions, business offices, and government. Visit our web site at

About MetaCommunications

MetaCommunications is a leading software developer of cross-platform process management and productivity solutions for the graphic arts industry, including its award-winning Job Manager™, Virtual Ticket™, Approval Manager™ and Digital Storage Manager™ components. MetaCommunications has thousands of users of its software worldwide, helping some of the world's top creative agencies, corporate marketing groups, printing and prepress firms, and publishers work more efficiently and profitably. MetaCommunications was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Iowa City, Iowa. For more information, please visit

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