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Workgroups DaVinci Integrates with the All-New Adobe Creative Cloud

by Brian Miller • August 5, 2014

With Adobe’s recent announcement on the release of the new Creative Cloud, customers have been inquiring about Workgroups DaVinci’s ability to integrate with these new tools.

Adobe Creative Cloud Integration

We’re excited to announce that Workgroups DaVinci is fully integrated with the latest version of the Adobe Creative Cloud, with plug-ins for InDesign CC and Illustrator CC. This unique integration simplifies work for designers by allowing them to quickly access time tools, project details and other assets that are tied to the design they are working on, eliminating the need to hunt down files and jobs in separate design and project management applications.

Some of the specific tasks that can be completed directly from the new Adobe Creative Cloud applications include the ability to:

Thanks to our proactive engineering team and agile development methodology, we’re able to stay ahead of partner product updates and provide a seamless experience to our customers. For more information on Workgroups DaVinci’s full feature set and list of integrations, visit

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