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Virtual Ticket Enhanced Window Shade

by Ken Valley • August 10, 2011 In my previous article, Draw Back the Shade (on the Virtual Ticket Window), I implemented a window shade function to Virtual Ticket forms that enables the expanding and collapsing of sections.

Electronic forms can quickly become very complex and this increasing complexity can often make a form difficult to use. The window shade we previously discussed allows a user to add a clickable arrow button on specific section headers to collapse and expand a section. A once complex form now becomes compacted, more customizable and more user-friendly.

Ever since posting this article, I’ve received a lot of positive feedback along with a number of great suggestions for increasing the functionality of the window shade effect. After incorporating several of these suggestions, I present you with a newly enhanced version of the Window Shade Widget. Updates in this version include:

The ability to set the default state of the window shade. MetaScript can be used to specify whether the window shade’s default state is “open” or “closed”. This is helpful if you have sections that only certain groups need to pay attention to, but need the information available to everyone for searching and reporting purposes. For example, if you have a Job Ticket, you may want all sections except the finishing to be collapsed when viewed by someone in production, but want all sections initially expanded when viewed by a CSR.

The ability to change the style of the arrow. Now you can set the color of the arrow, along with the background or border color of the button. This is necessary when header colors are similar to the default black arrow, such as a navy blue. It allows the user to control the color contrast of the arrow, background and border to ensure each element is easily seen.

I have outlined how to include these enhancements in Toolbox Snippet, Enhanced Window Shade Widget. As always, keep the feedback coming, and we will do our best to continue enhancing the solutions!

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