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The Great Roll-Out

by Cliff Lewis • March 2, 2012 One question we get asked all the time by new customers is: “What is the biggest problem other users have encountered when rolling out Meta’s system?” It’s a great question, and one answer stands out by far: lack of a Champion.

Conceptual graphic of a Workgroups Superhero.

I’ve been actively involved in hundreds of implementations and can tell you first hand that this is by far the most important factor for successful implementation and continued growth of the system. Our software is a powerful tool that provides the ability to create smart, intuitive solutions and collect solid, effective data, but it can’t make people use it.

The fact is, having an “owner” of the system that can “champion” it within the organization will greatly improve the success of the implementation. A champion does not need technical skills, but leadership, common sense and people skills will truly rule the day. Some people will always resist change and will skillfully look for or create a multitude of reasons to prevent it. A champion anticipates this and addresses it with confidence, persistence and support. There will be unforeseen features, functionality and data shortcomings in the initial roll out, but those should be recognized as future opportunities to create even greater efficiency and productivity.

The moral of this article is simple, make sure you have in place a solid champion that has the desire to embrace change, the authority to enforce compliance and the enthusiasm to inspire users. If you do that, your implementation will be a resounding success… and it will put your organization ahead of the pack!

I’d really like to hear your feedback and experiences regarding your system implementation, so feel free to contact me anytime!

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